services: translating & interpreting

The fast pace of technological change and developments in the global marketplace present the business community with some interesting challenges, which are the key drivers compelling us to redefine the way in which we communicate information. This is precisely where arb has the competitive edge: our experience in international markets has given us a profound understanding of global business communications.

The service we offer is fast, reliable, competitively priced and individually tailored to suit the needs of each client. We work into and out of all major languages, with particular expertise in the European markets, including Central and Eastern Europe. Specialist core areas focus on banking and finance, media and marketing, legal, and defence electronics, in which we have decades of experience and personnel with the necessary clearances.

Our assignments are thoroughly researched, checked, proofed and edited before they are returned. Using only mother tongue specialists, we ensure that our work combines accuracy with fluency of style to produce a meaningful result.

Our clients, many of which are blue chip global companies, know that they can rely on us to deliver consistent quality on time in every case, even against the tightest schedule.

Translating and interpreting. Fast, reliable, competitively priced and individually tailored.
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